Will Twitter drop its 140-character tweet limit?

Reports are circulating that the social media platform is experimenting with longer updates. Many users are responding negatively to the rumors.

Ask people what’s the one thing that sets apart Twitter from its social media brethren, and they’ll probably cite Twitter’s adherence to 140 characters per post.

It’s been the site’s trademark and distinguishing feature since its launch in 2006. Now, it might go away.

Re/Code, citing “multiple people familiar with the company’s plans,” reports that Twitter is exploring whether to allow users the option to share tweets that exceed 140 characters.

It’s no secret that Twitter is struggling. Interim CEO Jack Dorsey has seen one exit after another among the company’s executive ranks, as well as stagnating growth in several key areas.

“Dorsey is apparently supportive of a potential change,” Re/Code reports, “a bold stance and yet another sign that he isn’t simply keeping the CEO seat warm until Twitter finds someone permanent.”

The question remains whether Twitter will attract a new audience just because it has a longer character count.

I think it’s unlikely, but it’s sure to get plenty of attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if the news was leaked just as a way to gauge public opinion about it.

Reaction among the Twitter faithful have been largely negative:

Several people made the same joke:

What do you think? Will increasing the Twitter character limit really just make it “Facebook 2.0”?

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