Women’s World Cup final sets Twitter record

Soccer game between the United States and Japan produced the most tweets per second during any event to date.

With 7,196 tweets per second, the Women’s World Cup final game between the United States and Japan recently surpassed all events in tweets per second, reports USA Today. That includes Osama bin Laden’s death and the royal wedding.

A Copa America quarterfinal game between Paraguay and Brazil later that day followed close behind with 7,166 tweets per second, according to the newspaper.

“The record-breaking numbers Sunday reflect a sharp rise in Twitter usage,” USA Today says. Two years ago, Twitter users sent 10 million tweets each day. Now, that number has risen to 200 million tweets a day.

Other tweeting milestones, per USA Today:

– Just after midnight in Japan on New Year’s Day (6,939 tweets per second)

– Osama bin Laden’s death (5,106)

– 2011 Super Bowl (4,064)


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