Your employee survey is done. Now what?

Your job isn’t over after your staff has completed an internal survey. Here are the five steps to take to make sure your hard work was worth the effort.

You worked for months to develop the perfect set of questions and successfully achieved the participation goal for your annual employee satisfaction survey.

Take a deep breath because you haven’t crossed the finish line yet. Once the survey is complete, executing a comprehensive communication plan will ensure all your hard work was worth it.

Give thanks. While the results are being analyzed, thank employees for completing the survey and let them know the results will be shared soon.

Be timely. Communicate the results within two months of the survey completion. Factor this step into your time and action plan from the beginning so it doesn’t get pushed back. Discuss expectations with all third-party vendors and your leadership team.

Be honest. Share the good and the bad. Co-workers talk. They understand the general level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. If you feel the need to tweak the results to make the company look good, you have bigger issues. Employees will detect the deceit. Massaging the data will only perpetuate your problems. Being trustworthy is essential to employee engagement.

Keep information flowing. Don’t just publish the results and wait until the next survey to talk about it again. Meet with your HR team regularly to find out the progress toward goals. Ensure your communication plan includes tactics for cascading information to all levels of employees. Making improvements won’t mean much if employees never hear about it.

Share success stories. Whenever possible, tie your communication updates to a personal story that resonates with your workforce. You must clearly illustrate how it affects their jobs.

Dee Ann Adams is a communications consultant and freelance writer who blogs about communications at, where a version of this article originally appeared. She can also be followed on Twitter at deeannadams1.

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