Your intranet can transform the employee experience—here’s how

Check out how these organizations used their intranets to change their culture.

Ragan Intranet Awards 2018

Creating an employee experience that really resonates with your workforce was one of the biggest workplace trends of 2017. and the Future Workplace teamed up on a study that proves it. They found that 83 percent of HR leaders considered “employee experience” to be “important” or “very important” to their organization’s success. As a result, 56 percent plan to invest more in training, 51 percent are dedicated to improving their workspaces and 47 percent are making a point of giving more rewards.

Your intranet is an essential internal communications tool, but does it have an impact on your culture? Real culture change starts internally, and communication is crucial. Take a cue from these organizations that are using their intranets to create a better employee experience:

Set a standard for inclusion

Your intranet can be a tool for enacting powerful change in your organization. Cardinal Health used its intranet to send out an important message to all of its employees. The “Be an Ally” video was created to encourage its 34,000 workers to accept and advocate for employees who identify as part of the LGBT+ community. It was released on the organization’s intranet along with a pledge of support that employees could sign. This is a perfect example of how the content on your intranet can affect employees’ views of a brand’s values and its dedication to employee advocacy.

Spark important discussions

Getting employees to participate in town hall meetings can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. A savvy webmaster and communications professional at Alaska Airlines tackled this challenge and brought the online discussion taking place on the organization’s intranet to life.

Employees submitted questions for AA’s upcoming town hall via its intranet. A new up-or-down voting feature brought the five most popular questions to the top, making them the first asked in the meeting. This sparked engagement and discussion both online and off by addressing employees’ most pressing concerns first. More than 220 questions were submitted, and they received 27,612 votes from just 14,000 employees. This was a huge success for Alaska Airlines, earning it first place for “Best Online Discussion” in Ragan’s Intranet Awards.

Build an employee recognition platform

Your intranet can serve as a tool to let employees know that their contributions are truly valued. A 2016 survey conducted by Gallup found that 24 percent of employees say that receiving recognition is always more memorable when it comes from the CEO or a high-level leader. Integrating an employee recognition system can be a high-impact, low-cost endeavor that will vastly improve the employee experience.

The newest categories in Ragan’s 2018 Intranet Awards were created with this in mind. Have gamification elements made your intranet easier to use? What interactive content has made your intranet more engaging for employees? Does your intranet allow employees to give each other props for a job well done? Do you feature an employee of the month with a personalized write-up about his or her accomplishments? Can managers select the shining stars of their department every quarter? We want to know how your employee recognition program works and how it increases engagement and excitement about your intranet. Join the ranks of organizations like Hulu that are already using these practices to enhance and measure employee engagement.

Does your intranet do all of this and more? Learn more about Ragan’s 2018 Intranet Awards to find out how you can earn recognition for your impressive work.

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