As a senior-level social media leader, the demands placed on you are enormous.

Unfortunately, the resources often are not.

That’s why Ragan created our all-new Social Media Leadership Council—an exclusive membership organization dedicated to helping professionals like you excel at their jobs.

The Council offers unlimited training for your team, access to industry research and benchmarking, and your chance to join a community of social media peers from the country’s leading organizations to contact for advice.

Ragan’s Social Media Leadership Council is an exclusive membership organization for senior-level social media leaders. The membership offers benefits for both senior leaders and their teams that are tailored to companies’ social media needs, including monthly webinars, networking opportunities and in-person training.

Members enjoy the following benefits:

For you as the senior leader-

  • Access to a discussion portal where you can share ideas and resources with other Council members
  • Access to the Council Concierge Desk, a service to help answer your questions and connect you to experts

For you and your team-

  • Access to the Council’s exclusive online discussion portal to pose questions to your peers and get immediate answers
  • Quarterly networking and problem-solving calls on burning topics suggested by Council members
  • Five free registrations to any Ragan conference or workshop, plus 50% off any additional registrations ($15,000 Value)
  • Access to Ragan Training, the most extensive on-demand video training portal for corporate communicators, featuring topics such as social media measurement, storytelling, crisis management and more.
  • Access to the Council Concierge Desk, where we provide research, best practices or materials that will help you navigate a communications issue, or introduce you to other communications leaders who can share their experience and insights
  • Monthly social media webinars and virtual summits featuring the hottest topics, trends and case studies
  • 15% discount on all Ragan award programs

Who is Eligible for a Membership?

Corporations, Nonprofits, Government and Marketing and PR Firms. Get the training, resources and community support you need to see your team thrive.  Apply to join the Social Media Leadership Council today!

Social Media Leadership Council Application

We ask that you submit a brief application. This ensures a rich experience for all leadership council members.