10 annoying workplace communication behaviors to avoid

Are you an interrupter or a story topper? Do you suffer from listening intolerance? Kick these irksome habits to salvage your reputation and credibility.

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Yet we see irritating behaviors in the workplace just about every day. Here are 10 that can alienate colleagues, undermine your influence and ruin relationships:

1. Interruptions and/or changing the subject

Interrupters think nothing of inserting themselves into a conversation and promptly derailing it. Do it once, and people will probably forgive you. Do it repeatedly, and people will start viewing you as downright disrespectful.

Stop this annoying habit immediately.

2. Story topping

After someone tells a story—about horrible customer service, what their bright child accomplished, how hectic their workload has been, how well their team has performed on a key project, etc.—resist the urge to top it with your own story. You’ve just shoved them out of the spotlight to take your own bow.

3. Name dropping

Do you know someone who’s constantly referencing a famous colleague, friend or client they have? It’s annoying, right?

Name dropping is meant to toot one’s own horn, but it communicates a lack of confidence and credibility.

4. All-about-me dumping

When working with clients to craft presentations, the most frequent mistake I see is the “all about us” opening.

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