10 free Google tools for digital marketers

These terrific resources can help your online campaign in a variety of ways—and you can’t beat the cost.

Why do platforms like Google Search, YouTube, and Google+ continue to expand their active user base? To me, the answer is simple: They all provide a good user experience.

Google provides a plethora of tools and resources to help us digital marketers maximize the success of our online campaigns.

1. Google Trends

Solutions, products, and services evolve, and so do online searches. Google Trends is a fantastic free tool that provides insight into the search trends for keywords and search phrases. This robust tool also creates a list of related hot searches, rising terms, and the regional interest for your keywords. Digital marketers can use this tool to assist them with keyword research.

2. Structured Data Testing Tool

This handy tool is a quick way to get a preview for the structured data Google can extract from the webpage you’re testing. The tool provides examples for specific types of schemas that can be a great resource for digital marketers new to microdata. As the use and implementation of Google’s authorship continue to rise, this tool is the standard for discovering whether author and publisher markup is verified on a webpage.

3. Structured Data Markup Helper

This incredibly easy-to-use tool will allow you to quickly markup content and provide the HTML tags and attributes to add to your website’s pages. As we continue to move deeper in the semantic Web, proper page markup will be a key element in helping search engines understand the content on a webpage and will change the way information is presented in Google’s results pages.

4. Google URL Shortener

Similar to other free URL shorteners, Google’s version works great for taking long URLs and making them shorter and easier to share. Google’s version also provides a QR code, click analytics, and referrer and browser data, which are great for measuring the activity of the content you share.

5. IP Address Range Tool

This handy tool is for anyone not proficient in RegEx (regular expression) and who needs to filter a range of IP addresses in a Google Analytics profile. It’s easy to use: Simply enter the first and last IP addresses in a range and click the “Generate RegEx” button. The tool spits out a RegEx string that can be added to a filter in Google Analytics.

6. URL Builder

This free tool is great for segmenting traffic in Google Analytics by tagging URLs with campaign variables. Use this tool to understand which campaigns, sources, and mediums provide the most valuable traffic.

7. Webmaster Tools

This robust tool provides detailed reports on how Googlebot is crawling and indexing a website and is essential for any webmaster looking to improve a website’s performance and visibility in Google’s organic search results.

8. Google Analytics

This free clickstream analysis tool shows you how visitors are interacting with your website and measures the performance of your campaigns. The tool continuously updates to provide users and webmasters with valuable visitor data and insights, which is why it is installed on more than 10 million websites.

9. YouTube analytics

This free tool provides video marketers with actionable insights to help them uncover trends, metrics, traffic sources, and viewer demographics. With video marketing increasingly being recognized as a viable traffic and lead generation content format, understanding your videos’ performance is a must for any digital marketer.

10. Author stats

Access your Author stats in your personal Webmaster Tools account under Labs > Author stats. This awesome tool provides you with the organic search data for content for which you are the verified author. These stats are similar to the organic search data that you’d see in the Webmaster Tools “Search Queries” report which includes impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and average ranking position.

In your Author stats account, you’ll probably see all content on which you’ve implemented authorship markup and for posts that you’ve shared on Google+. I’ve also seen YouTube videos appear in my Author stats that have been uploaded and made public on my personal, verified channel.

I’ve only scratched the surface of the free tools and resources offered by Google here to assist digital marketers in gathering actionable insights and improving online campaigns. For additional tools not mentioned in this post, I’d recommend checking out Denise Lu’s article on 14 Google Tools You Didn’t Know Existed.

Are there any Google tools I failed to mention? If so, please offer them in the comments.

Brian Jensen is a director of traffic acquisition for SEO.com. Follow him on Google+. A version of this article first appeared on JeffBullas.


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