10 key qualities for a social media manager

Some are inherent traits; others are cultivated skills and behaviors. All are important for whoever is handling your brand’s online presence.

Finding the right person to be the voice of your company on social media can be tough.

It is extremely important to make sure you have a professional handling your online community. No longer is an intern sufficient to build and maintain a company’s brand on social media platforms.

Social media community managers can make or break your company, depending on the content they post and how they are responding to customer comments. Below are the qualities that every community manager should possess:

1. Strong attention to detail

It is embarrassing and unprofessional to post content containing grammatical mistakes. It devalues a brand. You want someone who will spot even the most minuscule error.

2. Ability to multitask

It is common for most companies to have a presence on multiple social networks. A community manager must be able to watch all social networks and keep track of which comments are new, dealing with them in a timely manner.

3. Talent for engaging an audience

Engaging an audience is an art form. You need someone who can produce content that inspires your company’s demographic to comment, “like,” tweet, share, etc., all while relating that content to your brand.

4. Organization

It is essential to approve content before it goes live in order to avoid customer complaints or even lawsuits. Therefore, this individual must be extremely organized and prepared. Ability to create a content calendar is crucial to a successful social media campaign.

5. Awareness of industry trends

Each social network is continually changing its algorithm for how content is displayed. Your community manager should allot time to research changes in the industry to make sure your content stands out.

6. Capacity for customer service

Half of managing a social media community is dealing with disgruntled customers. As a result, you need a person who can assure customers that they are being heard and that their problem is being solved.

7. Basic graphic design and HTML skills

It is a waste of time to outsource the resizing of a picture or the creation of a Facebook banner. Community managers must have a basic understanding of how to crop and resize a picture, use a digital eyedropper to match a particular color, and make HTML changes.

8. Understanding of SEO copywriting

A community manager’s job usually includes writing blog posts. It is important to know how to create internal links and write interesting, engaging content with keyword integration.

9. Flexibility

Social media is active 24 hours a day. Therefore, the person you hire must post content when people are online. For example, Sunday night is when many users are on social media networks.

10. Analytical thinking

Social media can be measured in many ways. Therefore, your community manager must compile large amounts of data and determine trends in order to report back to the relevant parties.

Social media is a growing industry. A company can’t afford to have the wrong person speaking on its behalf. What qualities do you look for in a social media community manager? I welcome you to share in the comments section below.

Becca Berkenstadt is the founder/owner of Worldly Strategies, LLC., a digital marketing agency. A version of this article first appeared on the Straight North blog.


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