10 PR trends that are always in vogue

Be professional and be personable if you want your story to be printable.

Trends come and go. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about cars, TV shows, haircuts or plug-ins.

Public relations is no different. Elements of a strong news story rarely change. The medium and technology through which the story or message is delivered can change, but not the core of what constitutes a good story. The importance of relationships with reporters has also stood the test of time.

With 26 years of news, PR and communication experience, here are 10 PR trends that are always in style.

1. Thank the reporter for listening. Even if they are rude or rushed, say thank you. Chances are you’ll have to reach out to them again. Remember, you don’t know what you may have interrupted on their side. If you saw all the irrelevant and lousy pitches reporters get hit with day after day, you’d want to stick a fork in your eye.

2. Know your pitch inside and out. If you’re not fully prepared to answer minutiae questions about your story, and all the elements it encompasses, you’re not ready to pitch it. Keep doing your homework.

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