10 signs you love your job

If you look at weekends as just time to recharge for Monday, chances are you love your job.

One HR blogger I’ve enjoyed reading for years is Alexander Kjerulf, a.k.a. The Chief Happiness Officer. He wrote a post in which he highlighted his 10 most popular posts. Near the top of the list was his post titled “Top 10 signs you’re unhappy at work.

While I agree with everything in his post, it got me thinking about the signs you’re happy at work. In the usual frustrations that come from working with other human beings, it can be easy to miss these signs that we really do love what do every day:

1. You have friends at work. We want to work with and for people we like and respect.

2. You enjoy helping your colleagues. You’re as invested in their success as your own.

3. You’re shocked when it’s already 4 p.m. The days fly by because you’re engaged with your work and enjoy what you’re doing.

4. You hate it when you’re sick because people are counting on you. You don’t want to let anyone down, though you know others are more than happy to fill in for you while you recover.

5. You see weekends as a way to recharge for Monday. You never have a “case of the Mondays” because your work matters to you.

6. You look for ways to share credit with others. You don’t feel the need to hoard credit to prove your worth. You want everyone to share in the success.

7. You consider “going the extra mile” as just the way you work. It’s natural to you to do more and exceed everyone’s expectations.

8. You aren’t bothered by typical annoyances at work. Let’s face it: Work and work environments are never perfect. But the petty problems tend to roll off your back because you’re focused on the bigger issues.

9. You look for solutions instead of griping about problems. Instead of complaining around the water cooler or coffee machine, you and your friends chat about ways to make things better and run more smoothly.

10. You know what you do matters and makes a difference to the big picture. You’re able to focus on the big picture because you understand how what you do every day helps turn that picture into a masterpiece.

What are some other signs that you love what you do?

Derek Irvine is vice president for client strategy and consulting service at Globoforce, a global provider of strategic employee recognition and reward programs. Contact him at irvine@globoforce.com. A version of this article first appeared on his website, Recognize This!


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