10 things to stop sharing on Facebook

Tiny Timmy’s toilet training, your eternal love for your spouse, your eternal hatred for your cubemate—no one cares. Foursquare? Farmville? Oh, please! Just. Stop. Now.

There’s no denying Facebook can be a great tool. It helps us connect with friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances in real time (or close to it). We can create profiles and let people know what’s going on in our lives. However, some people tend to reveal a little too much about their lives.

Here are 10 things you should stop sharing on Facebook:

1. Pregnancy and childbirth specifics

I can’t believe I even have to include this, but there are certain details about your pregnancy and childbirth process that I do not need to know about. For instance, I had a high school friend who decided to update frequently how far along she was in the childbirth process for everyone to see. Your family might want to know, but all high school classmates really don’t need to know how many centimeters dilated you are.

2. Small baby milestones

We get it. You’re so excited little Timmy learned how to roll over, how he just cut his first tooth, or how he just called you Momma for the first time. This is big news for your family, but not so much for 500 of your closest Facebook friends. That you’re posting these “milestone” photos every day gets borderline annoying. If you must share every little milestone, create a private Facebook group and share with the people who really want to know.

3. Potty training photos and tips

Every toddler learns how to use the toilet eventually. We understand it’s a frustrating and time-consuming process for parents. You might find it adorable and be incredibly relieved that little Timmy went pee-pee on the toilet for the first time, but the majority of your friends on Facebook don’t really care. It gets worse when you decide to share your potty training tips and horror stories in great detail. Again, if you want to exchange stories, create a private Facebook group.

4. Medical side effects/conditions

Facebook is not WebMD. Please stop sharing your and your kids’ medical side effects. It can be uncomfortable and potentially nauseating to see in our newsfeeds, and trying to get a diagnosis on Facebook is potentially dangerous. Save it for WebMD, or call your doctor’s office.

5. Foursquare check-ins

Besides being completely unnecessary to cross-post on every social media site, they can also be dangerous. Most of us don’t care that you went to Olive Garden and Walmart today. Beyond that, it’s just an open invitation for creepy stalkers.

6. Lovey-dovey notes

We get it.You’re madly involved with your significant other. We’re so happy for you. However, when you post lengthy updates about how your boyfriend is the best boyfriend every single week, it gets a little annoying. Send private Facebook messages or texts to your boyfriend and BFF instead.

7. Passive-aggressive comments

These are my favorites—the ones where people post a generic rant about something or someone but they don’t disclose who it is. It’s super-petty and childish behavior. Please stop this.

8. Intimate relationship details

All your Facebook friends do not need to know that you’ve been romantic, or any details surrounding said event.

9. How much you hate your job

This one isn’t just petty and childish, but could have real consequences. Even if you aren’t friends with your boss or co-workers, that doesn’t mean they can’t find your rants. Unless you want to stand in line at your local unemployment office, it’s best not to rant about how much you hate your job, your boss, or your annoying co-worker(s).

10. Social game announcements

Contrary to what you might think, the rest of the world doesn’t care that you reached another milestone in Farmville or CafeWorld. Please stop auto-sharing these announcements.

Jessica Malnik is a PR/marketing coordinator, social media specialist, and videographer. She writes on her personal blog, where a version of this article originally ran.

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