10 ways new technologies undermine our productivity

Beyond directly distracting us from our daily workflow, our obsession with email, social media and text messaging can skew our concentration and even disrupt our sleep.

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How tech is addling our brains

The spread of new technology has done a lot of good, but we’ve also created new headaches for ourselves.

Here’s how new technologies are killing productivity:

1. They take time away from our most productive hours. Everyone has parts of the day when they’re most productive. The distractions of email, social media, and instant messaging can detract from those productive hours. Many people are responding to messages instead of using that time to challenge their brains and work on challenging tasks. Then, when they sit down to work, they’re not in the most productive state of mind to do so.

2. Notifications interrupt our workflow. When we get into a hyperfocused mode of work, or flow, we’re astoundingly more productive. We’re able to focus our entire being on the task at hand and attack it with rigor. Messages and emails can interrupt this focus. A buzz in our pocket can distract our minds and direct them toward the person who messaged us. Although we can enter back into deep concentration, it typically takes more than 23 minutes.

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