10 ways to crush a communicator’s spirit

Here’s how to ensure your creative staffers feel stifled, deflated, frustrated and defeated.

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The trick lies in getting each person to realize his or her potential—and creating an environment that uplifts, encourages and edifies workers in ways that generate genuine employee engagement.

Unfortunately, communicators are often the most unloved, underappreciated members of the corporate family. These stoics frequently get the dregs in terms of resources, support, investment and executive attention. That lack of backing results in irksome workplace obstacles and irritations that stifle creativity and prevent communicators from doing their best work.

Here are 10 easy ways to crush a communicator’s spirit and morale, thus bringing ruin upon your corporate messaging:

1. Too much input and/or oversight. Like a great mountain of sedimentary rock, approval processes accumulate and harden over time. Excessive layers of bureaucracy and executive meddling are perhaps the fastest way to crush your best communicators into submission.

Who wants to go to the trouble of crafting an erudite, sleek piece, only to see it ripped to shreds by a gaggle of egoistic execs with red pens and agendas? Editorial integrity aside, glacial turnaround times can also be a deal breaker for deadline-driven professionals.

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