12 etiquette tips for today’s workplace

Employees are telecommuting, offices are adopting open floor plans, and dress codes are loosening up. Not sure how to stay professional amid the changes? Here’s some advice.

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Office etiquette is changing. With more relaxed working environments and telecommuting, some rules are being rewritten while others are staying the same.

Technologies are changing almost daily, and the workforce is more multicultural and global. The following is an update on what is and is not OK in today’s working world:

1. Social media: Unless it’s part of your job, stay off social media during work hours, and be careful of what you post. Nothing is personal or confidential anymore. Never post anything negative about your company or colleagues. Remember, the company has a right to watch what you do on their equipment on their time.

2. Telephone calls: Turn your cell phone off during any meetings. If your cell phone rings at work and you must answer it, think about where you are. If people are nearby, move to an area where you won’t be overheard or bother nearby workers. There is an unofficial 10-foot rule: If you must take a call in a meeting, excuse yourself and move at least 10 feet away. Remember to keep your voice down. If you can’t hear the person, call back at another time. And get rid of your “fun” ringtone.

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