12 most remarkable words you should include in your vocabulary

If you haven’t used brouhaha, vexed or apropos lately, you should reconsider, according to this author. Do you agree with her?

The words we write and speak make us who we are. So, given the opportunity, shouldn’t you use remarkable words? Of course you should.

In order to help you become a more eloquent individual, I’m sharing 12 words with the definition, what word it can replace, and how you can use it in the real (social) world. I guarantee: If you can incorporate these into your daily vocabulary, you will be more remarkable too.*

1. Facetious

Definition: Supposed to be funny, intended to be humorous but often silly or inappropriate
It can replace: Sarcastic
Real world use: You may think your tweets are hysterical, but you’re just being facetious.

2. Verklempt

Definition: Yiddish, overcome with emotion; clenched; also written ferklempt
It can replace: Choked up
Real world use: Every time I see the picture of the panda hugging the police officer after the earthquake in China on Pinterest, I get verklempt.

3. Apropos

Definition: Just right, appropriate in a specific situation
It can replace: On topic
Real world use: That blog post on terms of service was apropos, considering the changes many of the sites have made in the last month.

4. Incendiary

Definition: Likely to catch fire: able to catch fire spontaneously or cause a fire easily
It can replace: Aggressive
Real world use: Your incendiary comment towards me on Facebook will not go unnoticed. Prepare for comment war!

5. Brouhaha

Definition: Outcry, public criticism or protest
It can replace: Commotion
Real world use: All the brouhaha over the changes to the Facebook brand pages will die down soon. It always does.

6. Abhor

Definition: Detest something, to disapprove of or reject something very strongly
It can replace: Hate
Real world use: I abhor auto-dm’s on twitter, and will unfollow someone for sending one!

7. Incisive

Definition: Expressing or expressed clearly: characterized by clear and direct expression
It can replace: Intelligent
Real world use: Even the most incisive comment can’t always stop an online argument.

8. Myriad

Definition: Too numerous to count: so many that they cannot be counted
It can replace: A lot of
Real world use: With myriad social sites available, it can be difficult to choose the right places to participate.

9. Vexed

Definition: Irritated, provoked to slight annoyance, anxiety or distress
It can replace: Annoyed
Real world use: I am vexed by the number of people claiming to be social media gurus who can’t actually walk the talk!

10. Phenomenal

Definition: Remarkable: remarkably and impressively good or great
It can replace: Incredible
Real world use: 12 Most has phenomenal writers, don’t you think?

11. Faux pas

Definition: Social blunder: an embarrassing mistake that breaks a social convention
It can replace: Mistake
Real world use: A social media faux pas can be detrimental to your brand, it’s always a good idea to double check before you send something!

12. Tact

Definition: Ability to avoid giving offense: skill in situations in which other people’s feelings have to be considered
It can replace: Skill
Real world use: It takes tact to navigate the social space and its potential pitfalls.

*All guarantees are in theory only, and have no real power or claim… but still, these words are remarkable, and so you should use and share them.

How many of these words have you incorporated into your vocabulary?

Kirsten Wright is the social media and PR manager for MagnaFlow. This article is republished with permission, courtesy of 12 Most.

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