13 types of videos that could power up your business

Live broadcasts, personalized messages, animated explainers, testimonials and tutorials are all worthy of investment.

You’ve been thinking about investing in video content, but you’re not sure where to start.

Video is certainly worthy of investment, but it’s important to consider the different pieces, platforms and productions that will play to your company’s strengths.

Here are 13 types of videos that can boost your business:

1. Live videos and broadcasts

Live video is one of the most effective ways to stand out on social media—especially on Facebook.

Try Facebook Live or Periscope for live video production. Use your imagination, but consider performing tutorials or demonstrations for your audience.

Optimal Length: 10–15 minutes

Cost: $0 (if you set them up yourself)

Distribution channels: Social media

2. Team and introductory videos

These work well on “About Us” pages or in introductory emails. Instead of trying to convey the essence of your company culture through words, use video to show off personalities and offer a window into your workplace.

Answer these questions in your piece:

  • Who are you?
  • What major problem(s) do you solve with your product or service?
  • What is your “why” behind building the business to begin with?

Optimal length: Shorter than three minutes

Distribution channels: Website, social media, email

3. How-to

The most reliably effective content marketing tactic is to show your audience how to do something—preferably something useful or interesting.

How-to videos and tutorials that relate to your industry are a great way to build credibility, trust and rapport with your audience.

Optimal length: Three–15 minutes

Distribution channels: Website, email, social media, YouTube

4. Product demos

For many customers, seeing is believing.

Instead of telling the audience about your product’s many benefits, uses or perks, show your product in action.

Optimal length: Two–five minutes

Distribution channels: Website, email, social media, YouTube

5. Advertisement or commercial

Paying for traffic can be painful, but it is effective.

Once you create a compelling piece, you can promote it via Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, YouTube ads, Google ads and much more.

Optimal length: Varies by audience and platform

Cost: $1,000 (for one minute)

Distribution channels: Social media and YouTube

6. Animated explainer

If you’d like to have a professional make an animated explainer video for your company, you’ll need a storyline, a script for the audio, and a firm goal of what you’d like the piece to accomplish.

These brisk, fun videos are popular and shareable.

Optimal length: One minute

Cost: $500–$3,000

Distribution channels: Website, social media, YouTube

7. Testimonials and customer reviews

“Social proof” marketing is extremely persuasive and effective.

If you’ve received praise or glowing feedback from happy customers, ask them if they’d be willing to appear in a video.

Optimal length: 30 seconds–one minute

Cost: $0 (without any professional editing)

Distribution channels: Website, email, social media

8. Culture videos or company storytelling

These types of pieces are an excellent way to showcase your team and highlight what makes your culture unique.

Optimal length: Three–10 minutes

Distribution channels: Website and social media

9. Retention videos

It’ll save you a lot of trouble (and money) to keep your current customers happy, as opposed to chasing new ones.

Create pieces that cater to current customers, whether it’s answering FAQs, sending personalized messages or just saying thanks.

Optimal length: One–three minutes

Distribution channels: Website and email

10. Vlogs

If writing is a struggle, why not try video blogging?

Vlogging consistently can extend your reach, boost your brand and build credibility.

Optimal length: Five–15 minutes

Cost: $0, if done in-house

Distribution channels: Website, social media, YouTube

11. Social media content

Pick a platform, and create content that’s suited to that channel.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram all require a different video strategy.

Optimal length: Depends on the platform

Cost: $0, if done in-house

Distribution channels: Social media

12. Webinars

Getting enough sign-ups and attendees can be difficult, but the conversion rate for webinars is usually pretty high.

You can also produce webinars to build trust, demonstrate expertise, network and establish industry credibility.

Optimal length: 30–90 minutes

Cost: Depends on the platform

Distribution channels: Website, email and social media

13. Personalized messages

If a business took the time to send you a personalized video, would you remain a customer?

This is a smart, easy way to show you care.

Optimal length: One–three minutes

Cost: $0

Distribution channels: Email

Alessandra Colaci is the founder of Influence Buzz. A version of this post first appeared on the Influence Buzz blog.


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