15 buzzwords to avoid this year

The start of a year is the perfect time to purge these overused buzzwords from your vocabulary.

It’s that time of year again: time to give buzzwords the buzz saw.

The folks at Houston PR, a U.K. firm, have updated its list of overused industry catchphrases.

Last year, the firm inducted winners such as “evangelist,” “deliverables” and “SoLoMo” (my favorite) to the buzzword hall of infamy.

But there are even more words you should avoid in 2015.

I picked out a few, and suggested some alternate translations below (but you probably shouldn’t use those, either):

15. Snackable content: NLE;DR, or, “not long enough; didn’t read”

14. Co-opetition: haters gonna hate each other together.

13. Negativity: reality

12. Landmark achievement: an event scheduled outside the local Landmark Cinema

11. Big data: big(ger) revenue

10. Collegiate approach: amateur hour

9. Optimal opportunities: “All the water we can squeeze out of a rock.”

8. Global provider: multilingual

7. Market-leading: your newest client

6. Unmatched capabilities: “Competitors? What competitors?”

5. Blue-sky thinking: irrationally annoying optimism

4. Solutioning: taking a lot of coffee breaks

3. Next-generation: “Updates available in the Android/iTunes store now!”

2. Horizon-scanning: learning to use Google

1. So to speak: “Ignore everything I just said.”

What other terms should meet the buzz saw in 2015?

Patrick Coffee is senior editor at Mediabistro, where he manages the blogs AgencySpy and PRNewser. He also works as a freelance consultant for PR/marketing firms, and has been known to cover restaurants and nightlife for New York Magazine. A version of this article originally appeared on PRNewser.


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