15 communication pet peeves

From annoying Twitter backgrounds to websites that speak, this wide-ranging list likely includes your peeves. What did we miss?

1. #Overuse of #hashtags on #Twitter makes #us #crazy.

2. Blog post titles that promise enlightenment but deliver platitudes.

3. The word curation.

4. Pop-up ads.

5. Websites that speak. If we want to hear your video, we’ll play it. We will be annoyed and startled if your site starts talking amongst our 25 tabs and six windows.

6. Crazy quilt, migraine-inducing Twitter backgrounds.

7. Posting on Facebook as if it’s Twitter. The great thing about different social mediums is they have different implied rules. We will un-like you if you treat Facebook like it’s Twitter and post every hour.

8. Websites without phone numbers. Good news: We want to buy $100,000 worth of your stuff. Bad news: We’re too lazy to fill out your 10-field contact form, so we’ll just order from your competitor with the 800 number.

9. Infographics that make concepts harder, not easier, to grasp.

10. Automated direct messages on Twitter. We don’t want to hear your canned sales pitch. We didn’t connect with you to make a million dollars by Thursday selling real estate.

11. Befriending strangers on LinkedIn. If we don’t know you on LinkedIn, don’t connect with us by saying you are our “friend.” If you really want to connect that bad, make an effort to join a group we’re in or find a mutual connection for an introduction.

12. Execs who put the kibosh on a website design because their spouse didn’t like it … a depressingly dense combination of nepotism and despotism.

13. If your site doesn’t work in Safari or Chrome, fix it. A good Web developer designs for all browsers.

14. People who use social networks solely as a press release distribution service. Social media can help you spread the word like never before, but if that’s all you do the impact will decrease over time. (From Jason Pinto.)

15. Pet peeve posts. You have enough headaches without being subjected to ours.

Donna Vieira is currently director of marketing and communications for Curley Direct. A version of this article first appeared on Straight North Blog.

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