15 jobs in the PR and marketing world

Glassdoor reported that social media and marketing are excellent career fields for maintaining work/life balance.

Do you run your job, or does your job run you?

It’s getting tougher for employees to maintain a healthy work/life balance, according to a Glassdoor article.

Work/life balance has decreased since 2009, when employees had a 3.5 average work/life balance satisfaction rating based on a five-point scale, with 5 meaning “very satisfied,” according to the cited research. That number has fallen to 3.2 to this point in 2015.

On the bright side, those in PR, social media and marketing can feel less like our jobs run us than the average person does. Glassdoor’s list of 25 best jobs for achieving work/life balance includes the following titles: social media manager, digital marketing manager, marketing assistant, content manager and SEO manager.

If you’re not in one of those well-balanced positions and you answered the question above with a resounding, “My job runs me,” let this week’s featured job with the Propane Education & Research Council light a fire under you to touch up that resume and apply to be its social media manager .

Candidates for this job, based in Washington, D.C., should have at least three years of experience managing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or YouTube accounts for an organization.

Candidates will conduct social media campaigns, determine channels and tactics best suited to achieve objectives, and create focused campaigns that transfer traditional marketing initiatives to social platforms.

Not the job for you? See what else we have in this week’s professional pickings:

Social media/community relations specialist—Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (Texas)

Social media manager—Fetch Media (California)

PR senior account manager—Dodge Communications (Georgia)

Marketing communications manager—Boar’s Head Brand (Florida)

Public relations account executive—GreenRoom Social (Florida)

Social media editor—Melcher Media (New York)

Chief marketing officer—Global Poverty Project (New York)

Content manager—Knucklepuck (Washington, D.C.)

Metro marketing associate team leader—Whole Foods Market (Colorado)

Public relations account executive—Matter Communications (Oregon)

PR and social media manager—Libratone (Denmark)

Marketing and communications executive—Story Contracting (United Kingdom)

Senior brand manager—Burt’s Bees (Australia)

Head of public relations—InnoGames (Germany)

If you have a job you would like to see highlighted in this weekly jobs post, please send me a link in a tweet @PRLorrie.

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