15 ways to boost workplace communication

Smoother interaction at work means more productivity and higher morale. To improve, set regular meetings with employees, establish common goals, and let your staff recharge.

Relationships cannot thrive without open, effective communication. Businesses are no different.

Unfortunately, most businesses fail to make internal communication a priority. That is a road to organizational strife, chaos and ruin.

To avoid that fate, here are 15 ways to improve workplace communication:

1. Check in with employees on a regular basis.

Meet with workers either in person or online every few weeks or months. Invite them to discuss their projects, their tasks and the organization.

Employees want to be heard, and they want to share their thoughts and opinions. Regular meetings with free-flowing dialogue will improve your company’s internal communication and empower your staff.

2. Make internal knowledge and documents easily available.

As most companies work from a specific set of internal knowledge, it’s likely you have a built-in training program at your disposal. Does your onboarding capitalize on the wealth of staff knowledge?

Insecurity, secrecy and departmental rivalries can thwart the free flow of information, but making internal knowledge available on your intranet is a great way to keep communication humming—and to get new workers up to speed.

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