17 digital marketing tasks you can do over the holidays

Even if your boss or client is out of the office, these items can be checked off your list to make next year more efficient.

It’s the end of the year and your clients are hard to get hold of.

They’re off on vacation, skiing in Colorado or hiding in their office catching up on “Game of Thrones.” The bottom line: You won’t be talking to them until next year.

How do you market for your client—and prove you did things with their marketing money—if you can’t talk to them for the next five weeks?

Hopefully you have a holiday marketing plan in place that you can execute, but if not, there is still much you can do to help digital campaigns and online presences.

Here are 17 tasks you can do in December without client interaction:

1. Reclaim broken links. Fix “404” pages with Moz Open Site Explorer.

Enter your URL then select “Top Pages” from the left sidebar and “4xx” from the drop-down menu. If you find any, set up a redirect for the lost links.

2. Get image credit. Use Google Image Search. Drag and Drop an image from a client’s website into the search bar, and find other sites using the image. Ask for “photo credit” if none is apparent.

3. Boost SEO through link building. Moz has a comprehensive overview here.

4. Capitalize on event listings. Add your client’s events to local event guides and holiday-related event listings.

5. Consider holiday sponsorships. Search Facebook or Google for affordable holiday sponsorships and ensure that there are links and social promotion included in your package.

6. Highlight customer feedback. Create a testimonials page from existing Google Plus, Yelp or other social platforms where your client has positive reviews.

7. Promote off-site content. Remember that guest post your organization’s CEO wrote eight months ago or that industry article that quoted your client? Promote that content on social media to drive visits to your off-site content and boost its search rankings.

8. Give thanks. Contact Twitter followers, blog commenters, Facebook fans and LinkedIn group members to thank them for their participation. Ask them for links to their own websites, and use them to help push future content as well as to get ideas for the coming year.

9. List your posts in directories. Submit blog posts to high-ranking directories. Yes, a few of them still exist.

10. Add code. Add Schema.org code to a website’s logo, address or other aspects that haven’t been optimized. You can even add code to content such as a holiday-themed recipe. Doing this will boost your SEO.

11. Conduct competitor research . Look for possible links, sponsorships, networking and media opportunities and niche directories. SemRush, Google map results from keyword searches are good places to start.

12. Get quoted. Identify 10-20 publications that you’d like to have your client quoted or mentioned in. Follow or subscribe, then reach out both now and when your clients are back in the office.

13. Identify content creators. Find other organizations in similar markets that are creating awesome content and follow them via RSS feeds, newsletters or social media for inspiration.

14. Locate potential brand advocates. Identify 20-30 influential social media users, blogs or brands in your client’s industry with which you can network or share promotions.

15. Conduct a content audit. Optimize existing under-performing content with fixes such as better headline tags, alt-text for images, captions, anchor text and new graphics. Republish the new content and share it on social media profiles. Learn how to perform a content audit here.

16. Tag it. Add Google Tag Manager to your website to make your life easier next year.

17. Organize your email. Clean up email lists, sort recipients into groups and check automation settings, along with other email tasks you’ve put off all year.

What would you add to the list, PR Daily readers?

Brent Pittman is the content marketing manager at BigWing Interactive. A version of this story originally appeared on LinkedIn.

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