20 holiday gift ideas for writers

Make your holiday shopping a little easier, and take this list to the store with you.

Get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping with these gift ideas for the writer in your life. When you run out of money, save this list for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

1. A desk lamp to add some light to his workspace.

2. Slippers for those drafty winter days.

3. Bookends.

4. A USB hub. Computers never seem to have enough ports.

5. Journals.

6. A massage to ease a sore neck and back from typing all day.

7. Blue emu oil for a cheap alternative to a massage.

8. Glitzy office supplies, such as decorative file folders and staplers with bling.

9. A Kindle.

10. An ergonomic keyboard.

11. Fingerless gloves.

12. An Amazon gift card.

13. Art that inspires.

14. A vintage typewriter and/or jewelry made from old typewriter keys.

15. Block typeset letters.

16. Cool coasters.

17. Framed copies of her favorite writing clips from her portfolio.

18. A laptop bag for trips to the coffee shop.

19. A stockpile of his favorite caffeinated drinks.

20. Noise-canceling headphones.

Dee Ann Adams blogs at DAAwriter.com, where a version of this article originally appeared.

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