25 great tactics for promoting your brand

Whether you’re touting an exciting startup or breathing new life into a familiar organization, these tips can offer fresh approaches for PR pros.

Competition for media attention is fierce.

Your established company or startup is hardly from the only game in town, and a limited number of business editors cover your particular niche.

Journalists receive endless requests to cover companies and leaders just like yours. It’s impossible for editors to respond to everyone, regardless of how deserving your product, service or event might be.

Here are simple ways you can elevate your brand and generate positive buzz:

1. Tweet, “like” and share your own content, but engage with other businesses as well.

2. Create an industry-specific blog post that answers common questions or shows how to overcome an obstacle.

3. Find an industry-relevant conference where you can participate as a speaker.

4. Get involved in your local community, whether through philanthropy, activism, events or politics.

5. Call a business journalist at a local news outlet, and request an informational. This is far easier than you might think.

6. Follow and engage with journalists on Twitter and Instagram. Become a helpful resource for them.

7. Is there a seasonal angle to your business or brand? Pitch timely pieces that coincide with seasons or holidays.

8. Create a niche podcast series.

9. Get your place at the roundtable. Try to participate in relevant meet-up sessions, or join conference workshops and discussions.

10. Write a guest blog post for an industry-specific outlet.

11. Create original short videos and images to share on social media.

12. Gather industry-specific data, and share them with data-hungry journalists.

13. Write and distribute a relevant press release laden with striking visuals.

14. Partner with other brand leaders for joint announcements.

15. Look to TEDx for topic-specific speaking opportunities.

16. Plan six to eight months ahead to request participation at coveted conferences.

17. Judiciously display kudos from your customers on your social media channels.

18. Offer an exclusive story to news outlets.

19. Automate your social media posting.

20. Invest in affordable sponsorship opportunities.

21. Create a paid internship program for students seeking work experience.

22. Launch an annual community volunteer event, and give your volunteers branded company T-shirts.

23. HARO is a useful resource to connect with journalists looking for quotes, expertise and stories. Use it.

24. At your next industry conference, request the list of participating journalists. Be ready with a quick pitch.

25. Consider hiring a firm to help you accomplish everything I’ve described above. Either way, ample opportunities exist to score PR points and get your story out there.

Lori Shepherd is the founder of 25SecondsPR. A version of this post first appeared on Business2Community.

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