25 signs you need a vacation from social media

Have you ever told a friend in real life about something clever you said online? That’s a sign you might need to sign off for a bit.

We’re all inundated with social media, but do you know when to say “when”?

I asked several of the social media experts I’m lucky enough to call co-workers to help me identify social overload. So, if you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, it’s probably a sign you need a vacation from social media:

1. You see a clever tweet or status update, you immediately get angry that you didn’t think of it.

2. You find yourself thinking in status updates more often than is healthy, which leads to thinking in the third person. “Rachel has had a tough day and could really use a drink.”

3. You enter a new place or social situation and you immediately judge whether it’s Instagram-worthy.

4. You speak in hashtags. For example, “I totally just fell down the stairs. Hashtag —fail,” or “I ate too many donuts today. Hashtag—first world problems.”

5. The word “like” has taken on a whole new life since Facebook entered your life. What’s that you say? Someone in the office is wearing a new shirt? “LIKE!”

6. Conversations with friends have become recaps of a week’s worth of Facebook posts.

7. After saying something interesting or funny, you immediately wonder if it can be pared down to 140 characters so you can tweet it.

8. You’re starting to resent the frequency with which you type the phrases, “check out,” “click here,” and “for more details”

9. You’re frustrated when you see low engagement on your most important personal status updates.

10. You tweet at the person sitting next to you.

11. When you go out to eat, your food is always cold because you’ve just Instagrammed it into oblivion.

12. You’ve lost sleep over your Klout score.

13. A retweet from a Jonas brother is cause for massive celebration (now if only you could get a mention from Bieber!).

14. A look around your house reveals that you’ve completed way too many DIY projects that you found on Pinterest.

15. You want to test posting later at night for your personal brand. You setup TweetDeck for your accounts to do so.

16. You call your online presence your “personal brand.”

17. You start posting images with your personal tweets to increase link clicks.

18. You post all of your Facebook updates with photos so you can edit the copy based on engagement … also, to cover up typos.

19. You tell your friends about the very (slightly) clever things you say online at your job. You do so multiple times a day.

20. When you go out with co-workers the bar is swarming because you all checked-in there.

21. You come up with ideas for posts while hanging out with your friends. You immediately start texting yourself future post ideas.

22. You’ve used “Ermahgerd!” when speaking with your parents.

23. You haven’t posted on Instagram in a while. So you go out of your way to do so—taking pictures of things that should never be photographed.

24. When you reuse a joke from your Facebook on Twitter, you feel so cheap inside.

25. You criticize friends who have their Twitter connected with their Facebook.

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