3 essential questions to ensure your content doesn’t die on the vine

Like perishable produce, your goods will rot if they’re not delivered where consumers will look for them and in the desired format.

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You are a rock star.

As a content marketer, you are all about making sure your audience can find your content. You watch your keywords, create personas and make sure nothing gets published unless it’s been hit with the magic SEO stick. You know it’s a waste of time to create good content if you have bad SEO, so you do your part. Your pages will get in front of users!

The problem is that it’s not working. Why? You’re either putting your content where your users aren’t, or you’re trying to force them into unnatural behaviors.

There’s a disease many of us suffer from. I’m not going to try and give it a clever name (mostly because my attempts failed), but it’s pretty easy to recognize. It’s when business owners start making decisions based on their actions instead of those of their customers. It’s when those business owners think because they do something one way, their audience must naturally do it the same way.

Only, often they don’t.

Below are three questions you must ask yourself to ensure you’re putting content where your users will find it.

Are you optimizing for the right screen? (Example: Mobile versus Web)

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