3 PR crises and how they were handled

Don’t leave handling a crisis to chance—use these 13 tips to your advantage and get prepared.

“Crisis” is a jarring word. It calls to mind messes like the Gulf oil spill or NASA’s Challenger disaster. PR professionals must act quickly when one hits.

Download our free guide, “13 tips for preparing for a crisis” to have a checklist handy when a disaster of any severity strikes.

Take a look at one company who used tip #6 to its advantage:

Blue Bell recalls all products

What happened: Several cases of Listeria, a bacterium that can cause fatal illness in persons with weaker immune systems, were traced to a Blue Bell ice cream factory. When Blue Bell’s investigation showed the problem could have affected all its products, they issued a complete recall, and halted production. FDA inspectors found sanitation violations and inadequate testing for contamination, according to ClaimsJournal.

The response: Communicators at Blue Bell had a difficult job. They offered frequent updates on improvements to their sanitation and testing, and changed their homepage to direct press questions. Most important, the company reassured its large and loyal fan base by posting a stream of Twitter and Facebook updates.

The takeaway: Be candid and authentic. Through its public updates, the company addressed that loyal base. Messages were directed not to the press, but to customers. The company showed its savvy by appealing to that strong customer loyalty in its messages.

Don’t leave it to chance. Download our new guide, “13 tips for preparing for a crisis.” You’ll know when you need it.


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