3 ways color makes your marketing stronger

Blue indicates loyalty, yellow conveys happiness and red expresses energy and power. Here’s how to make sure the colors of your brand and website send the right message to consumers.

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Imagine you go to a local café and order hot chocolate. The barista serves it to you in a white cup.

Chances are you won’t like your drink. That’s not an indication of the quality of the café or hot chocolate, but rather the color of the cup.

This conclusion is based on a study by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Oxford. The universities served hot chocolate in white, cream, red and orange cups. The drinks were identical, but volunteers claimed the flavor was better when the drink was served in an orange or cream-colored cup.


You might not think much about it, but we experience the world through colors. Every day we respond to the colors around us.

Imagine landing on a website filled with blue, orange and pink. It would be difficult to focus on the page, and you’d likely leave right away. Alternatively, visit a beautifully designed website like Apple.com—with white, silver and gray highlighted by beautiful, crisp photos—and you’ll enjoy spending time there.

When prospects arrive at your website, see your display ad or click through to your landing page, they make decisions within seconds. Color combinations influence their reactions and behavior. Therefore, it’s critical to carefully select the colors in your marketing materials.

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