30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

Are artificial intelligence programs replacing human resources departments? Some HR managers say yes. Here’s why—along with available communications jobs to peruse.

Although many marketers use algorithms in their merchandising strategies, they probably don’t consider how those intricate formulas could affect their own job applications.

More and more, software screens résumés before they reach human resources managers.

Companies including IBM and Facebook are going a step further and giving AI programs even greater hiring responsibilities.

Here’s the scoop, from Fast Company:

They’re using machines to scan work samples, parse social media posts and analyze facial expressions on behalf of HR managers. Such practices raise questions about accuracy and privacy, but proponents argue that harnessing AI for hiring could lead to more diverse, empathetic, and dynamic workplaces.

These programs are used primarily to wean out misfits. Many are designed to search for specific skills on résumés and toss out candidates who do not meet certain criteria or match specific job requirements.

Advanced programs can do the following, from HR automation outfit, Fama:

AI and algorithm-driven hiring gives us a more detailed, nuanced description of candidates’ backgrounds. You can’t build a cohesive corporate culture without a coherent knowledge of your employees’ personalities. So, while we may be losing the biases of the humans in HR, we are gaining a clearer picture of the humans getting hired.

Some organizations are testing programs that can simulate conversations with prospective hires. Here’s an example:

The year-old company Interviewed administers “blind auditions” in which applicants for customer-service jobs field chats or calls from bots that represent consumers. It’s now beginning to automate the assessment of what cofounder Chris Bakke describes as “softer skills,” by using computerized analysis to identify speech patterns.

Despite advancements in HR software, a vast majority of AI experts agree that human traits such as empathy cannot yet be evaluated with 100 percent accuracy by tech programs.

From Blake:

Machines [can] assess [empathy], but humans make the final call.

Interested in technology’s influence on HR?

Seattle-based Koru is looking for candidates who will work closely with its product team to deliver engaging user experiences for hiring. Interested applicants should send a résumé and cover letter to jobs@joinkoru.com.

Not the job for you? See what else we have in this week’s professional pickings:

Marketing manager— LendingClub (California)

Social media and content manager—Central Michigan University (Michigan)

Marketing manager— American Nurses Association (Maryland)

SEO manager— InTouch Practice Communications (Indiana)

Public relations and senior account executive— MARC USA (Pennsylvania)

Senior copywriter— Uline (Wisconsin)

Recruiting marketing and media specialist— Kaiser Group (California)

Junior PR assistant— Relentless Strategies (Illinois)

Marketing and promotions manager— World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum (Florida)

Senior public relations manager— CBS Interactive (New York)

Social media manager— Sears Holdings Corp. (Illinois)

PR manager— Lands’ End (Wisconsin)

Public relations assistant— Harper Pierce & Co. (Missouri)

Social media customer experience associate— Lyft (Tennessee)

Account director— Ogilvy Public Relations (New York)

Events and product PR producer— Lidl US (Virginia)

Temporary content editor— Mattel (Wisconsin)

Social media editor— Investment News (New York)

Editorial assistant— The British Museum (United Kingdom)

Director of marketing and communications— Sol Systems (Washington, D.C.)

Assistant account manager— Rhea + Kaiser (Illinois)

Head of PR and communications— The Hoxton (New York)

Campaign marketing manager— Polycom (Virginia)

Social media analyst— Havas Media Group (Massachusetts)

Social media manager— Tasc Performance (Louisiana)

Writer/editor— University of Maryland (Washington, D.C.)

Media and social media officer— Young Epilepsy (United Kingdom)

Weekend web editor— The Daily Gazette (New York)

Social media marketing and community manager— Joy of Kosher (Florida)

Digital news editor— Southern California News Group (California)

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