30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

Jobs abound in a variety of communications areas, but are employers doing the right things to attract talented PR pros? Here’s what a recent report says—along with positions to consider.

Employers on the hunt for talent this year might want to focus on branding.

According to LinkedIn’s Top Attractors list, a few factors determine which companies and agencies attract and retain talent.

Suzy Welch contributed to the project. She said:

I’ve been working with LinkedIn over the last few months on a project to understand which companies excel at both luring and keeping jobseekers. The result is an eye-opening ranking of the companies dominating the talent game. [When] scanning the list, it doesn’t take long to see the two qualities common across all of the winners: They have an energized culture and offer a chance at career enhancement.

Aside from a high-energy workplace or opportunities to advance, the list’s top attractors had three additional commonalities:

Its founder is calling the shots

Is your marketing agency or PR firm led by its founder? If not, LinkedIn data suggest that could be why there hasn’t been an influx of new talent.

“The vast majority — 65 percent — of the top 20 attractors have their founders at the helm, most of them bearing names that are as familiar as family,” Welch said.

Wharton Business School professor Adam Grant attributes the attraction to a brand’s identity. The more established a brand, the more appealing it will look to job seekers.

“People are drawn to a company with a strong identity—they want it to stand for something distinctive and enduring. The founder is a symbol that it will.”

Glamourous brands attract top talent

If you’re seeking a new opportunity, odds are, you’re looking at what LinkedIn calls “household names” or brands.

Data suggest job seekers are being wooed by familiar branding tricks. According to Welch, many gravitate toward organizations where news is breaking, the economy is growing and the future is forging ahead. A well-known reputation is key.

From Welch:

Consider this: Of the top 20 companies to land on the Top Attractors list, only three wouldn’t be considered household names. Even as you go down the list, well-known brands dominate, with, for instance, Dell at No. 22 and Estee Lauder at No. 30.

Immense talent seeks generous benefits

Although an organization’s draft beer selection might not be the sole reason someone accepts a position, organizations are getting creative when it comes to perks.

Welch said:

Some of them you’ve heard of —health club memberships and extended maternity and paternity leave, for instance. Others are more unique, such as dog-friendly offices and free cooking lessons in every cuisine under the sun (at Google), and coverage for sex-reassignment surgery (at Pandora.)

Marketing and PR pros seeking a generous and “glamourous” environment should consider a new technologies marketing manager positon with Amazon (No. 5 on the top attractors list).

Candidates should be prepared to identify and evaluate partnership opportunities and own the development of value propositions, core content, marketing and go-to-market strategies for new developer programs.

Not the job for you? See what else we have in this week’s professional pickings:

AV producer— Netflix (California)

Marketing and digital communication coordinator— McFarland Clinic (Iowa)

Associate content manager— About.com (New York)

Public relations assistant— Harper Pierce (Missouri)

English copywriter— TransferGo (United Kingdom)

Senior associate, web content marketing— Discover Financial Services (Illinois)

Content marketing specialist— Navistar (Illinois)

Social media and community manager— Twist (New York)

Brand assistant— American Greetings (California)

Community content manager— Penton (Colorado)

Marketing communications assistant— Four Pillars Marketing (Ohio)

Marketing manager— Myfone App (Denmark)

Media specialist— Merkel (Pennsylvania)

Marketing coordinator— Dialogue Direct (Illinois)

Travel editor— BBC Worldwide (New York)

Brand management director— Capella University (Minnesota)

Digital communications manager— Zalando (Germany)

Brand marketing manager— Sutter Health (California)

Freelance copywriter— Appear Here (New York)

Assistant media planner— JMC Brands (Ohio)

Content and CRM marketing specialist— Plexuss.com (California)

Social media manager— The Social Client (France)

Marketing assistant— JBL Group (Georgia)

Public relations account executive— Matter Communications (Massachusetts)

Marketing executive— Bauer Media Australia (Melbourne)

VP of social media— PageGroup (New York)

Video product marketing manager— Aquent (California)

Marketing manager— Synexus Clinical Research (United Kingdom)

Account executive— iostudio (Tennessee)

Copywriter, content specialist— Iris Worldwide (Illinois)

If you have a position you would like to see highlighted in this weekly jobs listing, please email me at clarel@ragan.com.

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