30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

Many PR pros might think the more skills listed on their résumé, the more appealing they’ll be to recruiters. Instead, edit your skills to suit the job in question. To start, consider these positions.

Résumés are no longer simple work histories; instead, they’re marketing tools.

To ensure that your work experience matches the requirements of a given role, one recruiter says to edit as necessary.

“Your résumé is a marketing document, not a legal one,” Forbes contributor Liz Ryan says. “You don’t have to list every job you’ve ever held. You can include the jobs you want to include on your résumé, and leave other jobs out of the picture.”

If one of your recent positions doesn’t relate to a job you’ve been eyeing, Ryan advises leaving it off your résumé entirely—and not to worry about it.

Here’s more from Forbes:

Maybe you were working on a business idea that didn’t pan out, or maybe you made a bunch of money in your last job and had the means to step off the conveyor belt for a while. You don’t have to apologize for a gap in your resume. The world is changing, and thoughtful hiring managers don’t obsess the way they used to about a working person taking time away from the rat race.

Despite your high level of proficiency, you should be willing to part ways with outdated experience. Highlight your more in-demand skills, such as the ability to understand an audience and knowledge of various marketing channels.

Avoid repeating skills on your résumé to prevent your experience from appearing one-dimensional. If that means eliminating a past position from your work history, evoke that rigorous editor within and cut it.

“Go ahead and leave a job or two off your résumé if you feel the urge to,” Ryan says. “It’s a new day, and job-seekers are realizing that they get to brand themselves the way they want to, including showcasing, downplaying or deleting their professional histories with the good, bad and ugly organizations they’ve worked for.”

If you’ve got a knack for eliminating weak content, consider an editor position with North Carolina-based content marketing agency Pace Communications.

Candidates for this role should have a working knowledge of content development tools, a personal drive to produce high-quality content and a proven ability to write and edit for digital and social media audiences.

Not the job for you? See what else we have in this week’s professional pickings:

Editor— Fitch Ratings (Illinois)

Copywriter— Cardiovascular Research Foundation (New York)

Digital account executive— The Dallas Morning News (Texas)

Marketing assistant— Harvard University (Massachusetts)

Cost editor— Chemonics Intl. (Washington, D.C.)

Community manager— HEB (Texas)

Social media content editor— UK Recruitment (United Kingdom)

Communications manager— GLG (New York)

Regional editor, Marketing Magazine— Lighthouse Independent Media (Singapore)

Marketing internship— American Hotel Register Co. (Illinois)

Copy supervisor— Havas Health (New York)

Associate online editor— Hearst Magazines (Michigan)

Social media editor— Zoe Media Group (California)

Culture editor (Rollingstone.com)— Wenner Media (New York)

Content and social media internship— Opera Software (Norway)

Digital marketing publishing manager— General Growth Properties (Illinois)

Content strategist— Facebook (United Kingdom)

Associate relations manager— Rite Aid (Pennsylvania)

Senior brand strategist— Kinetic Social (New York)

Public relations coordinator— Amusement Services Intl. (United Arab Emirates)

Web marketing intern— Neo Technology (California)

PR and social media reputation manager— Aquent (Virginia)

Promotions manager— Social Media Planner (New York)

Account supervisor— Gyro (Ohio)

Public relations manager— Michael Baker Intl. (Virginia)

Assistant media manager— ALDO Group (Canada)

Global social media operations senior manager— McDonald’s Corp. (Illinois)

Marketing manager— Smith Group JJR (California)

Executive assistant to the CEO— St. Louis Economic Development Partnership (Missouri)

Public relations account manager— Sacunas (Pennsylvania)

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