4 features of good communications recruitment sites

If you want to attract top talent, make sure your website has these four components.

Recruiting for a communications job requires different tactics than recruiting plumbers. Communications specialists should embrace new media such as e-books, social media and virtual conferences.

If you want your next communications expert to be well-versed in new media, know the features of a good communications recruitment site:

1. A feed of the latest job postings

The ticker on the right side of Facebook’s homepage has accustomed us to know immediately what’s going on with friends. Job seekers feel a similar urgency; they want to know what you posted on your recruitment site within the last day, or hour. A job postings feed offers that information in seconds.

Although it’s also good to give people the option to subscribe to an e-mail newsletter, job seekers aim to keep their searches as efficient as possible. That usually doesn’t involve combing a crowded inbox for new noteworthy positions.

2. Straightforward online applications

Online applications are the norm. People expect to type their responses into an online form rather than practice penmanship on applications. Develop and test to make sure your website allows candidates to apply online without hassle.

Make applications straightforward and streamlined. You’ll almost always have candidates vying for positions they aren’t qualified for. However, ensuring your listing succinctly spells out the skills you expect from applicants should encourage some unqualified people to steer clear. There’s no need to make candidates wade through lengthy applications.

3. Social media buttons

Whether you recruit veterans or recent graduates, social media use is likely the common thread between them.

That’s why it’s in your best interest to ensure your recruitment site syncs with social media. Include social media buttons to ease online connections. Use social media to announce forthcoming job fairs or allow people to sign in to your site faster.

4. Well-written and relevant content

If you’re trying to impress candidates who know communication excellence, invest in a good copywriter who can write your message without diluting it.

In addition to details about your recruitment firm, your website could give pointers for jobseekers and feature related media. Students from Illinois Wesleyan University recently took part in an Instagram campaign that asked job hunters to post pictures of themselves on their job quests. The university used that promotion to spread the word about its campus career center. The career center also used another event to give students insight about using social media during a job search.

Take inspiration from these ideas, and fill your site with content jobseekers might not expect, but will welcome.

Recruiting isn’t easy, but I hope this article helps you find the tools to hire top communications candidates. Studies suggest the job market for college graduates is picking up, and that there are more than 4.8 million unfilled jobs in the U.S. Your ideal candidate is out there, you just have to draw him or her in.

Kayla Matthews is a business solutions blogger. You can check out all of her latest posts by following her on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.


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