4 steps to make the most of engagement surveys

Oh, no. Another 75-question poll with no executive buy-in and no resulting workplace action. Seriously, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are the keys to getting candid, usable feedback.

4 staff engagement survey tips

When crafted and administered thoughtfully, an employee engagement survey can provide invaluable feedback.

Obtaining honest employee feedback is a crucial step to improving engagement and productivity. However, a lot more goes into an employee engagement survey than writing some questions and sending a mass email.

To help make your survey a success, here are four essentials:

1. Show support from the top. Senior management buy-in is vital. Showcasing the business reasons for the survey is a great jumping-off point, but without your executive team’s backing, the survey could fall flat. Facilitate meetings with leaders so they can voice any concerns and take part in developing survey concepts.

2. Keep it short. Limit your survey to 25 questions or fewer; it should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Burdening employees with a long engagement survey could stifle completion. If strategically written, the survey can be slimmed down without compromising the results and analysis.

3. Ensure respondents’ anonymity. Employees are much more likely to respond candidly if they know you won’t be able to trace their answers to them. Too many demographic questions could suggest you are tracking respondents. Working with a third-party vendor can help employees feel more secure in their responses.

4. Deliver on your promise. One major misstep that undermines the process is failure to follow up. By communicating that your employee engagement survey will effect change, you can empower your workers and managers to speak openly about their challenges and offer suggestions. Set clear objectives, and take action on what you uncover.

Brittany Walker is an account supervisor at Tribe. A version of this post first appeared on the Tribe blog.


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