4 things to do after writing a blog post to increase views

You did a lot of research and wrote a great post, but does anyone know it exists? These four ideas will make sure people see, and share, your content.

We bloggers put a lot of emphasis on creating content that people will click. We also emphasize content that fosters loyalty (return visits), behavior change (digging deeper into the site), and action (purchase).

We develop editorial calendars, interview subject matter experts, and take photos. We research hot and relevant topics, find links, and work hard to make posts searchable by keywords for months and years to come.

But what we don’t usually do is put a lot of time and effort into thinking about what happens after the post.

What you do after writing a post can often be just as important as what you did to create it.

Here are four ways to merchandise your blog content after you post it.

1. Share via DM and private message

Yes, you want followers, fans and customers to organically share your posts, but it doesn’t hurt to do a little pre-promotion. Why not create a few lists of Twitter followers to share your posts with via DM? This could be a list of your best customers, key business partners, or employees.

Sharing your post via DM creates a more personal connection between your brand and its key audience. You can replicate this process on other social networks, too.

2. Look for syndication opportunities

Are there websites or blogs in your niche that gather other industry blogs and repost them? (Think Alltop.) Are there e-newsletters that use other blog posts to share relevant industry news in your niche?

Seek out these opportunities, and see if the people who run them are interested in syndicating your blog content on an ongoing basis. This is a nice opportunity to reach a new audience within your niche.

3. Seek additional curation opportunities

Think about how you can curate existing content into different formats for different audiences. For example, do you have a selection of list posts you can curate into an e-book to share with key customers? Can you reformat posts with data and statistics into an infographic for your blog or other blogs?

You can also make a new post by combining a few similar posts together. Again, just think about how you can repackage existing content to pique the interest of your readers.

4. Repackage posts as media pitches

Take an existing post—or series of posts—and repackage them as an earned media pitch.

For example, if you work in the craft beer business, you could write a post about a new brewing process that is popular among craft brewers. In the post, you could feature brewers from across the country, as well as your own brewery. You could then write a very short note to a local outlet or trade publication and link to your post for more information.

This is an easy way to pique media interest. You will have already done a lot of the legwork, so you won’t have to run down spokespeople and examples—they’re already mentioned in the post.

These are thoughts and ideas I’ve executed in the last year. How have you made your blog content work for you?

Arik Hanson is principal of ACH Communications . A version of this article originally ran on his blog, Communications Conversations .


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