4 things you must do after a crisis

Brand managers and PR pros cannot simply breathe a sigh of relief once a disaster has been avoided—or at least weathered. Take proactive steps for the next onslaught.

Once you take control of a crisis and find operations returning back to normal, you might feel tempted to sit back and celebrate your plan’s success.

Don’t take your eye off the horizon when the storm moves on to wreak havoc elsewhere. A post-crisis plan is just as essential as a pre- or mid-crisis plan.

Follow these four steps to identify what worked, establish what needs improvement, and prepare your crisis communication team should your brand end up in a similar situation in the future.

1. Remember that actions speak louder than words.

Once your brand improves operations, inform the public of what you’ve done, especially if the move is a direct result of customer complaints. Don’t lock up accomplishments behind the scenes after a crisis hits. Further, if you follow through with your mid-crisis promises, you’ll be more likely to increase customer loyalty and engagement.

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2. Review metrics.

Data drives PR measurement. Executives and stakeholders want to know the post-crisis impact on the brand’s revenue in numbers, not feelings. Plug the results into your crisis communication plan and your overall PR strategy as well.

3. Update your crisis communication plan.

Treat your crisis communication plan like a living, growing organism. Extend your plan’s lifespan by adjusting it each time a crisis strikes. Update steps based on new strategies and industry best practices, then rehearse implementing those new steps in your pre-crisis simulations.

4. Share revisions.

Every time you make changes to your crisis communication plan, make sure each team member has not one copy, but two. As long as there’s technology, there will be glitches. Print out a hard copy as well as providing access to an electronic version of your revised plan. Keep everyone on the same page to prepare your brand for the next threat.

Katie Gaab is a content marketing specialist for Cision. Find her on Twitter @kathryngaab. A version of this article originally appeared on the Cision blog.


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