5 free tools to track brand mentions online

No money in the budget for expensive social media monitoring tools? Use these free, easy-to-use favorites instead.

Monitoring social media mentions can be time-intensive. The larger the company, the more products and employees, which means there are more things to monitor.

Consider these five free, user-friendly resources to track brand mentions and monitor online commentary:

1. IceRocket.com

Think Google for social media. Ice Rocket looks and works like a search engine. Simply type your search term of choice into the search box and you’re ready to roll. One of Ice Rocket’s key features is the ability to search social media platforms one at a time or as a group.

2. SocialMention.com

Social Mention looks similar to Ice Rocket but also allows you to set up free daily alerts. Social Mention will also evaluate the sentiment of the content in the search, and provide the average number of mentions per day for each search term.

3. Addictomatic.com

I heard about Addictomatic at a recent PRSA-CVC workshop, and have come to appreciate the way it displays search results and the source of each update. As with any platform, preferences vary by user.

4. Facebook Insights

You have access to Facebook Insights if you have a brand timeline. Insights reveals which updates get the most exposure and interaction. Use the data within Insights to refine the content you create and your strategy for sharing it.

5. Twitter Search

Curious about a specific hashtag? Want to catch up on a Twitter chat? Eager to learn what people are saying about your brand?

This free, easy-to-use tool allows you to monitor Twitter mentions. Whether your company has a Twitter handle or not, it’s important to search your company’s name. People will often reference a brand without the dedicated handle or hashtag, and you should acknowledge their feedback.

Whether you are a power user or a novice, you need to monitor what people say about your brand across all social media platforms. While some companies will require a deeper level of monitoring and measurement, these five free resources are great starting points for monitoring online brand buzz.

Danielle M. Cyr is director of social media and senior PR account manager for Co-Communications. A version of this article first appeared on the Co-Communications blog. Follow her on Twitter @DanielleCyr.

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