5 free ways to monitor your brand on Twitter

From “Google Alerts for Twitter” to searches that pinpoint tweets by geographic location, these are the tools you’ll want to add to your social media toolbox.

You’ve heard the saying, “The conversation is on Twitter whether you are there or not.” Why not at least monitor what people say so you can respond appropriately?

A lot of people don’t understand Twitter, its relevance, or how you can use it to elevate your campaign or overall brand. That’s a post for another day, but realize that people will talk about your brand whether or not your organization is on Twitter.

Even if you don’t want to engage on social media, you need to monitor your brand to see what people are saying about you—both good and bad. Once you see the conversations you can tweak your messaging, respond, or conclude that you should reconsider participating in social media.

You need to listen to conversations around your brand to make informed marketing decisions but, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be on Twitter to monitor those conversations.

Here are five free tools you can use:

1. Twilert

Twilert is like Google Alerts in that you can monitor your brand, company, product, service or industry via keyword. You can sign up with your Google or Twitter account to receive daily emails.

2. Kurrently

Kurrently allows you to monitor real-time conversations with a keyword. It doesn’t have a reporting mechanism, but it’s useful when you need to manage real-time PR issues. It works for Facebook, too.

3. Monitter

Monitter allows you to monitor a set of keywords on Twitter, but you can also narrow the search to a particular geographic location. Monitter displays the results in a real-time stream.

4. Twitter search

Twitter search allows you to search Twitter for comments about your brand, product, service or keyword, and you don’t need a Twitter account to use it.

5. Twendz

Twendz is similar to Twitter search, but it also highlights conversation themes and adds user sentiment.

Do you monitor your brand? What tools do you use?

Tracy Sestili is CEO and founder of Social Strand Media. A version of this article originally ran on Inspiring Generosity.


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