5 reasons to ditch email for internal communications

With so many engaging and versatile alternatives, it’s wise to explore other channels for conveying important information to your colleagues.

Is it time to break the email habit?

One common channel for keeping employees up to date with your organization’s news is their inbox, even in this era of smartphones and social media. Though many of us think email is the best way to convey information, that’s not always so.

Here are five reasons internal communications should not be delivered by email:

1. Employees inboxes are packed.

We want employees to keep their heads above water and get their jobs done. Employees don’t want to be distracted, so many hit delete without reading organizational messages and generic emails, even if the information is relevant to them.

2. Too many channels announce the same thing at the same time.

Most big organizations use multiple communications channels: printed newsletter, posters, digital signage, intranet, social network and more. If an employee receives the exact same message in every channel, you can guess what he’ll do next time you send him an email.

When it comes to internal communications, less can be more.

3. Email is so ’90s.

With all the new platforms for sharing information, you and your organization do not want to come across as outdated. Consider a newer channel, such as a social network or a mobile app, before falling back on email. As communicators, we are responsible for engaging staffers through new platforms.

4. It’s the end of the text era.

Email is text-heavy, relative to other internal channels, and most employees will do whatever they can to avoid being overwhelmed with text, so they’ll often delete emails unread.

5. Meaningless emails are annoying.

Our organization should help us be productive, and every distraction hurts the company. If there’s no good reason to send a communication by email, don’t.

Technology is evolving; internal social networks, intranet and apps will take over soon. Internal communicators must build a strong connection between employees and the new platforms.

Sivan Meiri is an internal communicator at Intel. A version of this article originally appeared on LinkedIn.


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