5 ways to attract and retain millennials

Baby Boomers are rapidly leaving the workforce, which means if you want your organization to stay afloat, you have to learn to make peace with millennials. Here’s how.

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I’m too “long in the tooth” to be considered a “millennial” (the much-maligned generation of young professionals entering the workforce today), but I have worked with, supervised, and hired enough of them to have some measure of sympathy, understanding, and respect for these people.

Older workers and employers bemoan the perceived lack of work ethics, contempt for a veteran employee’s experience, and the fact that they feel entitled. But mostly older workers don’t like that “they’re not like us.” It’s true millennials’ upbringing was a lot different than that of the Baby Boomers or the Gen Xers, (for example, Millennials were the first generation raised in daycare centers and with unprecedented access to technology that blew the rest of our minds.) The Baby Boomers are rapidly leaving the work force en masse and soon the Gen Xers are going to join them, so if you want your business to survive you had better make your peace with the younger generation. Here are some ways to attract and retain the best talent.

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