5 ways to be a better Facebook community manager

In between scheduling posts and hunting for relevant memes to share, remember there are real people on the other side of your exchanges.

If you’re a Facebook community manager, you’ve probably gotten the “Wow, you get paid to be on Facebook all day?” reaction from at least one person.

But you know Facebook community management isn’t a walk in the park. It’s more than posting a few status updates and responding to audience comments. It takes a lot of skills: writing, editing, customer service, some degree of tech savvy and a knack for conversation, among others.

Do you need to take your community management to the next level? Try these tips, straight from the amazing people I’m lucky to have on my team at V3. Here are some of our community managers’ respective keys to success:

Be present

The most important aspect of being a successful community manager is to be present. No matter what anyone says, there’s no autopilot or set-it-and-forget-it mode.

It’s also important to understand the people your audience. Know when they are online and how they use your online information. Are they looking for customer support, industry news or upcoming events and trends? It goes without saying, but use analytics to determine what kinds of posts get the best reaction and when your optimal engagement times are.

Jen Bradshaw

Make it personal

If you represent a brand or company, don’t forget to be personal. Every business is comprised of people, and you should reflect that personality on your Facebook page.

Have fun, make jokes, be conversational and approachable. Ditch the corporate speak and post content that makes your audience take notice, helps them solve problems and keeps them informed and entertained.

Your company has a personality and story, and Facebook is an ideal platform on which to show your customers, fans and audience exactly who you are and why they should pay attention to you.

Katy Schamberger

Remember customer service

If a customer is upset, I try to empathize with him. I get in his shoes and remember a time when I had a customer service debacle. I also try to remember that it’s hard to understand tone in the written word. I may think a customer is being snippy when it wasn’t his intention to come across that way at all.

I realize someone might just be having a bad day, and his interaction with me might be the one thing that turns it around. I never forget that I’m dealing with a human being.

Jenny Rapson

Listen to your community

Over the last several years, I’ve spent a lot of time meeting new people and learning about how they interact. One lesson I’ve learned over and over has been to listen.

A good community manager listens to her community-to the individuals and the group as a whole. You have to be willing to listen to the voices of the individual while also keeping the entire community in mind. It’s important to remember you are not the community, but rather the liaison between the brand and community.

Amanda Henson

Stay engaged

With so many scheduling and automation tools available, it’s sometimes hard to stay truly engaged on Facebook. These tools are handy and play a key role in sharing content and information, but if you don’t keep up with the day-to-day activity, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to engage with fans and build your network.

Libby Hastert

Although these tips are specific to Facebook, most of them apply to any social network. After all, it’s called community management for a reason—you’re managing and building a community, which requires daily work and insight to succeed.

What else would you add to the list?

Shelly Kramer is the CEO of V3 Integrated Marketing. A version of this article first appeared on her blog.

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