6 killer reasons for selling social media to executives

Use these reasons to persuade even the most stubborn executive.

Nearly every big and medium-size corporate intranet is using social media.

Though most deployments are minimal and usually not done with much planning, it’s no surprise that most executives still need to be sold on the value of social media on the intranet.

If that sounds like your boss, use these six reasons to help change their mind:

1. Sales. Improving Web content, Google search engine rankings, and customer “buzz” leads to sales. Do the same for your intranet—enhance the content and tools—and employees can better sell customers.

2. Customer service. Wikis and blogs reduce customer service calls.

3. Executives get it. According to a Building the Web 2.0 Enterprise survey, 94 percent of executives use Web 2.0 technologies to boost internal communications.

4. Your competition uses it. Eighty-seven percent of organizations have at least one social media tool on their intranet (according to the Intranet Global Survey); virtually every organization uses social media on the Internet.

5. New hires expect it. Employees under 40 use social media every day, and they expect that the company they work for does, also.

6. Everyone is using it. Virtually every person who primarily uses a computer at their job, aged 65 or younger, uses some type of social media.

Toby Ward is the founder and CEO of Prescient Digital Media. He blogs at Intranet Blog, where this article originally ran.


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