6 ways to build a resilient workforce

Removing the red tape, sharing your dreams for the future and celebrating successes can make your staff more productive, satisfied and prepared to face challenges.

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The more resilient your workforce, the greater your organization’s ability to:

So, how do you create a stress-resistant, resilient workforce?

1. Remove unnecessary stress.

Smart employers ask employees, “What do we do that drives you crazy?” and “What do we do that gets in the way of your job?” Employee energy that’s squandered on overcoming bureaucratic hassles is not available for innovation and productivity.

Energy could also affect the way employees face challenges. Do they have a “Bring it on” attitude or an “I can’t handle another thing on my plate” perspective?

To remove unnecessary stress, ask employees which rules and red tape need to go. Ferret out and remove all unnecessary obstacles. Doing so will recover a massive amount of energy that employees can channel more productively.

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Everyone knows it’s important to keep employees in the loop. However, few employers are good at this.

The more employees know what’s going on, the less time and energy they spend wondering—and worrying—about what they don’t know.

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