6 ways to inspire and energize your workers

Who doesn’t want purpose, flexibility, comfort, respect and the opportunity for growth?

Happy workers tend to be more productive, engaged and effective.

Unfortunately, businesses still struggle to motivate employees and keep staff members fired up. Motivating employees doesn’t require an immense wealth of resources. It does, however, require intentional effort and commitment.

Here are six foolproof ways to boost morale and keep your employees happy:

1. Give your colleagues purpose.

Employees feel energized and engaged when they believe their work makes a meaningful difference. Communicators can play a key role by regularly showing affirmation, appreciation and respect for people’s hard work.

It’s miserable feeling that your work doesn’t matter. Remind your colleagues how valuable they are, and hammer home how important their contributions are to the organization.

2. Make the workplace comfortable.

No one likes sitting around in a dull, dismal, uncomfortable place for 40 hours each week. A grim, joyless environment can quickly deflate even the most positive and energized worker. To make the workplace more pleasant, try creating a fun, well-lit, aesthetically pleasing space.

Invest in good equipment and comfortable furniture, but don’t break the bank on décor. You can find exquisite furniture at a flea market. How about artwork from local artists?

Also, keep things nice and tidy. A well-kept space sets the tone for how you conduct business. It’s also an indicator of how you respect employees and value their comfort.

3. Be supportive, honest and respectful.

Insensitive, uncaring management is a primary reason that employees quit. Prioritize clear communication, respect, support and honesty.

Like any other skill, developing empathy takes time, commitment and practice. It’s worth the effort.

4. Provide room for growth.

We humans have an innate drive to grow, develop and advance. Also, everybody likes getting more money.

Give your best workers meaningful opportunities to advance. Strive to find the right fit for their personalities, and invest in those who might make great managers. Set people up to succeed—and to stay with your company.

5. Empower people in substantive ways.

As much as possible, let your employees have a say in how they do their jobs. Ask for input on how they can improve their performance.

Most team members have ideas about how they can enhance their efficiency, but they might not disclose them unless you ask.

Listening is just the first step; you must also act on their recommendations. Empower your colleagues so they feel some control over their work.

6. Offer flexible scheduling.

In a Forbes survey, 47 percent of respondents named “flexibility” as the most crucial factor in job searching.

If you want to attract—and keep—top talent, you must offer some flexible scheduling.

Take tangible steps to make your people happy; you’re likely to see a bump in productivity, morale and revenue.

A version of this post first appeared on the Poppulo blog.


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