7 awkward corporate typos

Why do these insidious errors so often deal with body parts or functions?

Typos happen, even to the best of us.

Try as we might, these insidious errors make their way into our prose. Perhaps the worst part about typos is that so often they deal with sexual innuendo and bodily functions. How many times has “pubic relations” slipped past a copy edit?

Recently, we asked the members of PR Daily‘s Facebook page to share the worst typos they’ve ever written or seen. Surprise, surprise—most of them dealt with the body. Here are seven examples, each of which would make a middle school student giggle. It’s OK if you chuckle, too.

Safe house: Tweeting from her company’s account, one reader said she wrote “condom” instead of “condo.” (via)

Apologies necessary: For one reader, “sorry for the inconvenience” became “sorry for the incontinence.” (via)

Freudian slip: A résumé talked of “shit work” instead of “shift work.” (via)

True, but …: A promotion went awry when buttons were mistakenly produced that said, “Pubic Health is very important.” In case you missed it, there’s an “l” missing in that statement. The buttons were shelved, despite the veracity of the assertion. (via)

Testy topic: A post about a charity gala referred to the “Mayor’s Balls” instead of the “Mayor’s Ball.” Perhaps the writer presumed there would be two events. (via)

Killer boots: One reader spotted a post from a clothing store touting jeans that looked great with “pumps, boobs, and flats.” (via)

Busted: In a speech for a corporate executive, a speechwriter meant to write, “But size is not [a] guarantee of success,” except it was written as, “Bust size is not [a] guarantee of success.” Incidentally, as the speechwriter noted, both statements are true. (via)

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