8 apps that boost employee morale

Are we really in the age of ‘There’s an App for That’? Yes, we are, as the eight apps discussed below prove. We can anticipate a ‘Cradle to the Grave’ app anytime now!

When employee morale dives, your business falters. Employees are the lifeline of your business; without them, you have no business. So you must find ways to keep employee morale high.

This isn’t an easy thing to do. Here are eight apps that will help you, among other things, raise morale, reward employees and schedule more easily:

1. ZipSchedules

The biggest complaint many employees have is schedules. Take the hassles out of scheduling and ensure that employees easily manage their shifts: Try this tool free for 30 days. Its maker doesn’t require a credit card to get started.

2. Morale

Track the mood of your team to figure out when they need a boost. Team members can rate their moods with a click. Everything is anonymous. Team managers can track the moods of team members, understand graphs and patterns and manage remote teams. Executives can gauge employee morale, as well as monitor how their decisions affect departments.

3. iappreciate

Use this to show your employees you appreciate hard work and dedication. Celebrate careers, give rewards for results, and encourage every employee. This will really help boost morale. Write a positive note to an employee, send an ecard, and even create certificates.

4. TinyPulse

More than 1,000 businesses, including Michelin and Capital One, use this tool for employee engagement. Leaders learn how their workforce feels from employee feedback on what workers think and feel about their jobs and their workplace. This performance management tool greatly improves employee performance.

5. Trello

Here’s a tool that spurs you to collaborate to get more done. Use its boards, lists, and cards that let you organize and prioritize projects so work gets done faster. It’s free, and you will find this a tool your business should not be without.

6. Training Apps

A better training app means better employee morale. You can start using many training apps right away, and many are free or cheap. These apps not only improve morale in the trenches, they also make training a whole lot easier for management.

7. Achievers

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Show appreciation by giving employees small gifts for a job well done. This tool helps you do just that. Employees love to use this! Its rewards include entertainment, dining, travel, Visa gift cards, concierge services, and donations on behalf of employees to their charities.

8. Expensify

If you have employees who submit expense reports, you need this tool. Use it on the go with iPhone, iPad, or Android. Track expenses, snap pictures of receipts, create and submit expense reports quickly and easily. No longer must you be in the office to do your expense report!

Kathleen Olson is freelance writer from New York. A version of this article first appeared on Business2Community.

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