8 foods PR pros should avoid

They may plant negative subliminal messages into your psyche, asserts this tongue-in-cheek post.

Those of us working in PR, marketing, branding and advertising know that subliminal messages and our subconscious minds are the impetus for our purchasing decisions.

The emotions that move people to take action can also be applied to the pitches we send to bloggers and reporters. Will others buy into our message?

Think of your pitches as food: Are they fresh, appealing, nourishing and inviting? Which ideas and angles will pique interest and become the “Catch of the Day?” Which ones will have a short-lived shelf life?

On your next visit to the grocery store, consider which items not to buy. These products can rattle PR pros by planting negative subliminal messages in their psyches.

1. Swiss cheese represents holes in our pitches.

2. Waffles remind us of a weak position on an angle and story credibility.

3. Fish triggers a sense of a foul smell. Translation: something stinks.

4. Jam symbolizes sticky situations that make us want to wash our hands after consuming. Even the outside of the jar is a mess.

5. Vanilla suggests plain, maybe even boring. We want our pitches and content to shine. You can’t do that with vanilla.

6. Noodles—specifically wet noodles—remind us of pitches that have flopped. No good. Throw that against the wall.

7. Wheat represents all bloat with no real substance.

8. Oil brings us back to the snake-oil salesman. Do you want to be associated with him?

A version of this article first appeared on Get in Front Communications.

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