8 ways to share your PR Daily Awards trophy

Enter the PR Daily Awards in one of 31 categories—or all of them.

No one knows what the future holds. That means it could hold you, holding a PR Daily Awards trophy with your name on it.

You can share it on all your social channels in whichever way you choose.

Wouldn’t that be good for your brand?

31 categories including a grand prize mean you could potentially choose all eight ways to share your trophy:

1. In your office

2. With your team

3. On the roof of your building

4. With the winning video/ad/blog post

5. In an unexpected place (the office refrigerator)

6. On a boat

7. At a landmark next to your location

8. Underwater (you never know)

The world is your oyster. But first you have to win!

Save $50 by entering by the early-bird deadline of Nov. 2, or enter by the final deadline of Nov. 30. Each entry takes about one hour to complete.

Enter now!


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