9 action items for a stronger comms-and-wellness collaboration

Workshop focuses on crafting programs and messaging for more effective workplace wellness initiatives.

How comms and wellness can collaborate

Communications is at the center of workplace wellness. It’s an essential linchpin that defines organizational engagement and non-engagement—and success or failure.

Workplace well-being has become an essential element for organizations as they seek to foster a positive culture and improve employee health and morale. It’s become a means to attract and retain top talent and indeed, reduce costs associated with health insurance and recruitment.

Part of that evolution has been inter-discipline collaboration. Wellness directors work with HR and finance, training and benefits. And comms pros plan the messaging for every initiative. They help measure the results.

These and more workplace dynamics will be explored—with strategic insights and actionable takeaways—during a special three-and-a-half-hour Ragan workshop on June 30. In the workshop, speakers will describe how they’re building and fostering workplace cultures focused on employee well-being. They’ll offer advice and examples of how wellness and communications pros are partnering with stakeholders across their organizations to maximize benefits that result in happier and healthier employees.

This workshop is designed for wellness, HR and communications professionals who are charged with creating, maintaining and communicating wellbeing initiatives within their organization. Presenters will be wellness, HR, communications and employee engagement executives from organizations including:

  • Consumer’s Credit Union
  • Maine Department of Transportation
  • The Motley Fool
  • ROM Technologies
  • And More

Attendees/participants will hear how to seize the moment around workplace wellness to develop and implement programs customized for the needs of their workforce. They’ll hear how to forge critical alliances with internal and external partners, and to ensure your programs produce results. Specifically, takeaways include:

  • How to set up a wellness initiative, customized for your workforce.
  • Budget, resources and cross-departmental responsibilities.
  • How to manage costs when developing a complete well-being program for your workforce.
  • Best practices for assessing current well-being programs and how to expand based on pre-existing competencies and skillsets.
  • The most effective ways to partner with allies across the organization.
  • Effective ways to assess what your employees want and need to improve their well-being.
  • How to measure return on investment.
  • How to gain buy-in from senior management.
  • Marketing and communication strategies to ensure your wellness programs continue long-term.

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