9 gifts for readers and writers

If you’re hoping to make a bookworm or writing professional happy this holiday season, let this list of present suggestions be your guide.

Now is the perfect time to find a gift for the writer or bibliophile on your holiday shopping list.

Surprise the person in your life who silently corrects your grammar and argues heatedly (and correctly) that “log in” (as a verb) is two words and not one: Give them a present that promotes their linguistic prowess.

Here are eight ideas:

1. “Word Ways: The Journal of Recreational Linguistics

I subscribed to this journal as a birthday present to myself and have not been disappointed.

Each quarterly issue features word games, puzzles, proofs, cartoons and more. You have to read it to believe it.

2. “Some of my favorite people are fictitious” tote bag

We’ve all thought it—and now it’s on a tote bag. Get the writer in your life one from Zazzle.com.

3. “Go Away I’m Writing” wooden door sign

Help the word nerd in your life carve out time and space to work with this sign from The Little Bookish Gift Co. It’s decorated with pages from classic literature.

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4. 2017 Bubble Wrap Calendar

Every deadline-driven writer must have a calendar, and what better than the poster-size offering from Uncommon Goods? Popping might give your brain the break it requires to get past writer’s block.

5. “Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist”

It’s no secret that writers can be very particular in their choice of alcoholic beverage. Help them branch out with a book that features 65 drink recipes and a dose of literary commentary.

My favorite is Vermouth the Bell Tolls.

6. Punctuation jewelry

Looking for something a little more personal? Check out these quotation mark earrings from Jewelsugar or Etsy.

For the male writer in your life, pen nib cufflinks from The Literary Gift Company can make for a nice gift.

7. Bookshelf

Help the writer on your list display his or her favorite books with the invisible bookshelf from Urban Outfitters.

8. Personalized embosser

Every book lover needs an embosser to mark book pages, cards, or stationery. I use mine to mark the books from my library with my initials.

9. Books on USB

For those who want to read and go (without the use of a separate device or internet access), Innovations has created 3000 Classic Books on one USB.

The product description reads: “Just plug it into your computer or laptop and start reading.”

What gift ideas would you add to this list, Ragan readers?

Laura Hale Brockway is writer and editor from Austin, Texas. Read more of her work on PR Daily and at Impertinent Remarks.

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