9 ways marketers can use Reddit

You can boost your brand and reach interested consumers beyond Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here’s how you can turn to a platform that boasts more than 250 million users.

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Reddit calls itself “the front page of the internet” for a reason.

The platform has more than 50,000 active communities and 250 million users, and attracts 8 billion page views on a monthly basis. It’s a buzzing online world that’s open for everyone to enter—which is why digital marketers are so interested in it.

Follow these 10 effective ways to boost your digital marketing strategy through the platform:

1. Invest in paid ads.


You can set up a Reddit advertising campaign in minutes. The daily budget minimum is only $5, and if you use the full potential of this platform, you can get a lot of value for that amount.

Gabriel Weinberg, founder of DuckDuckGo search engine, found that Reddit ads drove more traffic to his website than Facebook, StumbleUpon or Google Adwords. He also found that through Reddit, you can reach a coveted audience: those who engage with your product and stick around your website.

2. Contribute to the r/Deals subreddit.


Digital marketers focus on many important subreddits, many forget about r/Deals. This community is not particularly kind to obvious promotion, and will ignore your call to visit the official website if you don’t offer something in return. Offer a special deal, however, and you can get members’ attention.

3. Provide additional customer service.

Reviews and testimonials your organization gets on Reddit are believable. Interacting with these posts can prove that your team cares about your customers’ level of satisfaction.

Whenever you see a negative review, try to fix the damage by offering a refund or asking them to contact you so you can resolve it with an exchange or other means.

4. Organize an Ask Me Anything.


In an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, users ask questions as you answer them in real time. Rather than using it to overtly promote your products and services, use it to interact with your target audience and boost your brand, such as former president Barack Obama did.

5. Research content ideas.


PR and marketing pros must constantly produce outstanding content that are filled with relevant keywords to direct Google users towards their websites. At some point, everyone can get stuck. You might feel like you’ve covered most topics and your SEO campaign is getting repetitive.

Reddit users are a great source of ideas. They ask questions, but also share problems and first-hand experiences. Explore subreddits relevant to your industry, and you can find tons of content ideas.

6. Find collaborators.


Find out what’s going on in your industry by observing conversations, adding information whenever you can.

Many Reddit users are open to communication with brand managers. When you spot a user who has a history of asking questions and posting ideas that have gained traction with other users, offer to collaborate with them on your next campaign or product push.

7. Get feedback and keep an eye on current trends.

Start a thread and invite users to share their experiences with your organization, and then show you can be a great listener. Feedback can help you make your organization better by giving you ideas to improve your product or service in a way and make your customers happier.

Also observe your audience’s reaction to competitive brands. What more do they want? What do they love, and what do they dislike? With this information at hand, you can easily improve your marketing campaign.

8. Start a contest.


If you’re promoting an organization that offers fitness lessons, organize a contest that asks Reddit users to share their personal stories about how fitness improved their lives. Promise the user with most upvotes a prize: free lifetime membership and full access to your service.

Though most users will be there for the prize, you can also get valuable exposure.

9. Set up a posting calendar.


Understand the community before you start posting on Reddit, and take your time to explore. Don’t submit the same comment to different subreddits. To boost your brand’s reputation you have to plan a good campaign.

Set up a calendar. Plan how much time you’ll spend on Reddit and organize your activity. This can help yield better results—and help you measure your efforts.

Joan Selby is a content marketer, former ESL teacher and writer. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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