A brand’s step-by-step guide to using Instagram

Need a strategy for the photo-sharing app? This guide provides the perfect template.

With the rise of Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and other photo-sharing sites, it seems like photos are taking over the Internet. And for good reasons: They appeal to emotions, reveal the personal side of companies, and engage customers in ways words can’t.

And thanks to Instagram, photo-sharing just got easier.

This step-by-step guide from Marketo makes it easy to get started on the app. And you better get started—Instagram has 50 million users just waiting to see your snapshots.

Follow these basic steps:

1. Curate: Determine what types of photos will encourage people to positively engage with your brand.

2. Snap: Capture behind-the-scenes shots of your company, product sneak peeks, or picturesque moments.

3. Hashtag: Label your photos with keywords so people can find them easily.

4. Engage: Hold a contest for your fans, post photos of company events, or add locations to photos.

5. Repeat: Post regularly and creatively to keep your fans interested.

For a more detailed description of each step, check out the graphic:

(View a larger image.)


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